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Course Catalog

Course Classified

Course Name

General Education Courses

Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering

Basic Technical Courses

Crystallography and X-Ray Diffraction Analysis

Modern Electron Microscopy

Fundamentals of Materials Science

Physical Properties of Materials

Mechanical Properties of Materials

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

Mechanical Mapping

Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

Mechanical Design


Experiment of Electrical Engineering

Material Mechanics

Theoretic Mechanics

Specialized Courses

Heat Treatment Equipment and Automatic Control

The Principles and Processing of Heat Treatment

Metal Materials

The Principles and Technologies of Materials Preparation

Structural Ceramics

Electronic Materials

Computational Materials Science

The Principles of Metallurgy

lntroduction to Materials Design

Fundamental of Materials Science and Engineering

Introduction to Materials Chemistry

Welded Structures

Pressure Welding

Functional Materials

Numerical Simulation of Materials Science

Fundamentals of Finite Element Methods

Electronic Information Materials

Solid state Welding

Advanced Carbon Nanomaterials

Brazing Processes and Technologies

CAD Computer-Aided Design of Die and Mold

Solidification Technology

Environmental Materials

Plastic Forming Technology and Design of Modeling

Applications of Computer in Welding Processes

Advanced Metal Matrix Composites

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

Laser Processing Technology

High Energy Density Welding

lntroduction to Molecular Modeling

Ternary Phase Diagrams

Ceramic Materials


Rare Metals

Precision Casting Technology

Non-Destructive Testing Methods

Melting Technology of Alloys

Engineering Testing Technology

Automatic Control Technologies

Forging of Nonferrous Metals and Alloy Steels

Composite Materials

Surface Engineering Technology

New energy materials

Practice Training



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