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Undergraduate Program

Introduction to Major Program

   The professional mainly study the scientific and engineering problems on the field of metal materials, inorganic non-metallic materials, photonic functional materials, electronic materials and devices. The connotation focused on the field of national defense science and technology and can be applied to general industrial sectors. According to the guiding ideology of "strengthen basic knowledge, broaden the field of knowledge, focusing on practical skills, to enhance capacity-building and creative spirit "and for the purpose of discipline development, training the innovative, versatile talents.

    Graduates can continue to pursue a professional graduate. The proportion of undergraduate admitted to graduate more than 50% in recent three years. Employer and graduates implement two-way choice. Graduates engaged in scientific research, design, production management, engineering and technical work at the Institute, enterprises, or engaged in teaching and research work in the institutions of higher learning.

Educational Objectives

  The objectives of this scheme are to provide students of this major with the technology and engineering knowledge of metal and inorganic materials, in order to make them outstanding engineers who are capable of undertaking works of science research, technique and appliance design, manufacturing process management in the field of materials preparation, processing and structural analysis.

Educational Requirements

Student of this major must fulfill the following requirements:

The Students are to study the basic theories of materials science and engineering, and grasp the relation, compositions, microstructure and performance of materials. The students would be trained in elementary discipline so as to have the primary ability, in which they want to design and fabricate the new materials, to develop the novel technologies and improve the material’s properties and the product qualities, and to manage the production.

(1)    Well-knitted fundamental knowledge of natural science, humanity, culture, society and art, as well as good ability of applying native language and word managing power of expressing oneself.

(2)    The well extended fundamental knowledge and theory of this major, which include material science, mechanics, electrotechnics and electronics, systematic courses on computer science, heat processing fundamental, automatization fundamental , market economy and enterprise management.

(3)    The ability of calculation, testing, reference searching and fundamental process manipulation, as well as good command of computer and foreign language.

(4)    Typical knowledge required by a special field of study; He also should know the cutting edge and the trend of one’s own field.

(5)   Generally high quality, characterized by a strong ability of self-study and innovation.


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