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About SMSE

The School of Materials Science and Engineering has its origins in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Mining Engineering within the former Northwest Institute of Engineering, established in 1938. After more than half a century’s development, the School’s five fields of research -- including heat treatment of metals, forging, casting, welding and non-metallic materials -- has gradually shifted to an educational and discipline development system supported by the following departments: Materials Science and Engineering, Materials Forming and Control Engineering, Composite Materials and Talent Zone of Nano Energy Materials Research.

The School has a national key discipline -- “Materials Science and Engineering” -- and two national key sub-disciplines -- “Materials Science” and “Materials Processing Engineering”. The School offers two first-level Doctoral Degrees – in Materials Science and Engineering and in Optical Engineering. The School of Materials Science and Engineering also has an excellent postdoctoral research station of Materials Science and Engineering. In 2012, its “Materials Science and Engineering” discipline was ranked third in the nation for China.

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