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Wang Jincheng

General Information

Name:Wang Jincheng


Discipline:Materials Processing Engineering




Research Interests

1. Solidification Theory

2. Numerical simulation of microstructure evolution

3. High damping materials



BSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1995

MSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1998

PhD, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2001


Selected Publications

[1]                Junjie Li, Jincheng Wang, Gencang Yang, Phase field modeling of grain boundary migration with solute drag, Acta Mater. 57 (2009) 2108—2120

[2]                J. Wang, G. Yang,Phase-field modeling of isothermal dendritic coarsening in ternary alloys. Acta Materialia , 2008, 56(17): 4585-4592

[3]                J.J.Li, J.C.Wang, Q.Xu, G.C.Yang, Comparison of Johnson-Mehl-Avrami- Kologoromov (JMAK) Kinetics with a phase field simulation for polycrystalline solidification, Acta Materialia 2007, 55: 825-832

[4]                J.X.Zhang, J.C.Wang, H.Harada, The effect of lattice misfit on the dislocation motion in superalloys during high-temperature low-stress creep, Acta Materialia 53 (2005) 4623—4633

[5]                Zhijun Wang, Jincheng Wang, Gencang Yang, Fourier synthesis predicting onset of the initial instability during directional solidification, Applied Physics Letters, 2009, 94(6)061920.

[6]                Junjie Li, Jincheng Wang, Gencang Yang, On the stagnation of grain growth in nanocrystalline materials,Scripta Materialia, 60 (2009) 945—948

[7]                Zhijun Wang, Jincheng Wang, Gencang Yang, Phase field investigation on cellular tip splitting during directional solidification, Scripta Materialia, 60 (2009)doi:10.1016/j.scriptamat.2009.07.033

[8]                Zhijun Wang, Jincheng Wang, and Gencang Yang, Phase-field investigation of effects of surface-tension anisotropy on deterministic sidebranching in solutal dendritic growth, Physical Review E 78, 042601 (2008)

[9]                Tomonori Kitashima, Jincheng Wang, Hiroshi Harada,Phase-field simulation with the CALPHAD method for the microstructure evolution of multi-component Ni-base superalloys,Intermetallics,2008,16:239-245

[10]             J.C. Wang, M. Osawa, T. Yokokawa, H. Harada, M. Enomoto,Modeling the Microstructural Evolution of Ni-base Superalloys by Phase-field Method Combined with CALPHAD and CVM Computational Materials Science 39 (4): 871-879 JUN 2007

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