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State Key Laboratory of Solidification Processing



The State Key Laboratory of Solidification Processing is the largest institute dedicated to the solidification research in China, which is founded in 1989 by the Ministry of Science and Technology and can be dated back to the Casting Faculty established in 1958 in Northwestern Polytechnical University. Besides the main research on solidification theory and technology, the laboratory also aims at the fundamental and applied research on advanced materials design, preparation and precise forming technology, such as CMC, C/C, superalloy, light metal alloy, compound semiconductor, special glass etc. It has been one of the important bases of the education, scientific research, technological innovation and academic exchange on Materials Science and Engineering in the world.


The laboratory now has 124 staffs including 53 professors, about 20 postdoctoral researchers, 200 PhD students and 500 Master students. These researchers publish more than 400 papers and obtain about 40 authorized patents every year. The laboratory keeps long-term and frequent academic cooperation with the high-level research institutes and scholars from all over the world. It declares open fund every year for the visiting scholar at home and abroad.


State Key Laboratory of Solidification Processing,

Northwestern Polytechnical University,

127 Youyixi Road, Xi'an 710072, P. R. China

Tel: 86-29-88492374, Fax: 86-29-88495106, Email: sklsp@nwpu.edu.cn



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