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New Start for Freshman

On the afternoon of Sept. 2, NPU 2014 Opening Ceremony and Military Training Mobilization Meeting was held at Ao’xiang Stadium, Chang’an Campus. Freshmen of 2014 strode forward toward their dreams from this unforgettable day. With the chorus of school song by all NPU teachers and students at the end of the ceremony, 2014 freshmen started off, ready to inherit NPU culture accumulated for 76 years and open the new page of their lives.

Following the Opening Ceremony was the 2014 Freshmen Military Training Mobilization Meeting. Led by Gong Jian, the deputy political commissar, all the officers and student soldiers in neat formation took a solemn oath with loud slogan and high morale. More than 3700 students of 2014 started their military training as the first chapter of their college lives.

Gao Shengqiang, Captain of the Chinese PLA Border Institute took part in the military training as a commander of the first division. Within the short days of contact with the training students, he had been deeply impressed by their will of overcoming hardship and the quality of self-discipline. Captain Gao expressed his faith that as members of NPU, a patriotic and dedicated university, the students would survive all the obstacles of the training and complete the mission with excellent grades, for the inspection by all the leaders, students and teachers of NPU.

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