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The Youth Interdisciplinary Academic Forum

To promote the academic communication and research ability of the young teaching staff, the youth interdisciplinary academic forum of NPU on “material-manufacture-information perception” was held on Youyi Campus on the morning of September 22.

At the forum, Mr. Ma Yuanliang, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), briefly introduced the basic concept, importance and development history of underwater sensor in the lecture titled “The Research Progress of Underwater Sensor Array”.

Prof. Yang Yixin, taking the underwater threat in China as the theme, introduced the 15 years’ research on “The Receiving Array Technology of Higher Level Underwater Sound”. Prof. Zhao Jianlin made the introduction to the principle and application of optical fiber sensing and digital holography titled “The Research Progress on the Application of Optical Fiber Sensing and Digital Holography”.


Under the theme of“material-manufacture-information perception”, the forum aims at prompting the young teaching staff’s positive organizations and participations in the academic activities with a variety of higher levels and promoting the academic communication and development among them to encourage them for more achievements in the academic fields and the construction and development in NPU.

In the future NPU will host more meetings and symposias to assist and support the youth staff with the good conditions for their further teaching and scientific research.

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