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Prof. Xuanhua Li from Prof. Bingqing Wei’s group published a paper in Chemical Society Reviews (IF: 33.38)
Xuanhua Li  审核人:

Recently,a paper was published online in Chemical Society Reviews by Prof. Xuanhua Li from Prof. Wei’s group in Center for Nano Energy Materials and School of Materials Science and Engineering (Chem. Soc. Rev., 2016, DOI: 10.1039/C6CS00195E). The title of the paper is “Hybrid nanostructures of metal/two-dimensional nanomaterials for plasmon-enhanced applications”, which has been selected as back cover. All of the authors are from the School of Materials Science and Engineering.

This paper is focused on Prof. Li’s work in five years around metal nanomaterials, two-dimensional materials, and the hybrids of metal/2D materials. For example, they designed the first kind of graphene-based plasmonic coupling gap and achieved the highest coupling enhancement in the world. They found the effect of incident angle in the graphene-based NP-film device, which make the Cu NPs promising as an optical sensor. Other related study from outside group has also been discussed. In the paper, the authors firstly discussed the preparation of metal/2D materials hybrid nanostructures; then summarized the optical properties of hybrid nanostructures; finally, reviewed the progress of plasmon-enhanced application in optical sensor, photocatalytic reaction, and photoelectric devices. Especially, the authors presented deep understandings and critical comments on related research, which is very significant guidance for plasmonic study in the future.

The work is supported by the NSFC, the Key Scientific and Technological Team from Innovation Shaanxi Province, andthe Research Fund of the State Key Laboratory of Solidification Processing.

Center for Nano Energy Materials was founded on June 20th,2014, which is the first batch of school construction talent zone. The center invites "Thousand Talents Program" distinguished expert Bingqing Wei as the director and the chief scientist. Up to now, researchers from the center have published several significant papers on high-quality journal, such as Advanced Materials (IF:15.409), Progress in Materials Science (IF:27.417), and Chemical Society Reviews (IF:33.38), et al.


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