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Two Research Centers of NPU Special Zone for Talents Inaugurated

Standing at a new starting point of building NPU into a first-class university, the school is now composing a new chapter of “Strengthening the School through Talents”. On the morning of June 20th, NPU’s Center for Optical Imagery Analysis and Learning and Center for Nano Energy Materials were officially inaugurated, which signified that the school has launched its overall construction of “Special Zone for Talents”. Two chief scientists and their innovation teams joined NPU, infusing NPU with new momentum to achieve its transition and leaping development.

The Establishment of the Two Research Centers Opens a New Chapter of “Strengthening the School through Talents”

The opening ceremony of “Special Zone for Talents” for NPU Disciplines of Information and Materials was held at the East Conference Room on Youyi Campus, in which leaders of all levels participated, including the university leaders such as, Chen Xiaozhu, Wang Jinsong, Wang Runxiao, Chen Jianyou, who is the assistant to the President, and deans and Party secretaries of all the schools of NPU, the principals of the functional departments and offices. Besides, representatives of young teachers and team members of the “Special Zone” were also present at the ceremony. Together with the two chief scientists, the School Party Secretary Chen Xiaozhu and President WangJinsong jointly unveiled the nameplates for the research centers of the “Special zone”. President Wang conferred the letters of appointment on the two chief scientists Prof. LiXuelong and Prof. WeiBinqing, and then he delivered a speech at the ceremony.

The deputy secretary of the school Party Committee, and vice president Wang Runxiao presided over the ceremony and also made a speech. He said that the “ Special Zone for Talents” is the highland which is especially set up by NPU to attract talents of high level, and which will orient to the school’s needs of building itself into first-class university and developing first- rate disciplines by recruiting top talents of home and abroad through the extraordinary measures and encouraging the introduction of teams so as to create the aggregation effect of talents, and thus promoting the drawing in and cultivation of high-end talents.

The Center for Optical Imagery Analysis and Learning will mainly engage in data analysis and excavation, intelligent processing of visual information and the application and service of multimedia.

The Center for Nano Energy Materials belongs to a frontier subject centering on the design and synthesis of nano materials and their foundation and application research in energy field, which mainly covers five aspects: the design and synthesis of nano materials, nano materials and energy storage, nano materials and energy conversion, 2D nano materials, and the foundational and theoretical research on nano materials.

Strategic Advancement of “Special Zone” Construction to Open a New Situation for the School’s Transition and Leaping Development

President WangJinsong pointed out that the “Special zone” construction aims to motivate the initiative of the scholars and students by means of a new system and mechanism so as to bring their capacity into a full play, thus producing both high-level research achievements and outstanding students. He stressed that the school should give full play to the leading role of the “Special Zone” in talents’ cultivation, scientific research, and international cooperation and exchange, meanwhile making it an experimental unit to accumulate experience for the school’s reform of personnel system. He hoped that through innovation system and mechanism, this could gather talents of the first-class from the world, and provide a broad stage and free development space for those top talents dedicated to scientific research and the cause of education, thus elevating the school’s academic status and international influence.

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